Reduced Rate Retreats for Women


About Retreats

At Makers Circle, retreats are core to our mission of providing support and easy access for artist at all stages of the learning process. We are excited to announce that we will be able to offer reduced rate retreats to 25 photographers and makers in 2018, Our individualized retreat programs are designed to meet you right where you are in your creative process and can range from completely independent to fully facilitated. 

Independent retreats are completely self-guided and include use of your chosen studio(s) and darkroom(s). The day you arrive we will help you get settled, give you a tour of the facilities, answer any questions you have about house rules and studio/darkroom procedures, get you acquainted with the area, then leave you to your work. 

Facilitated retreats are perfect for folks who enjoy having someone mentor, coach or guide them during their process. If you are learning a new process and want help with inspiration or direction, or struggling with setting the course for your process or project, then you might consider a facilitated retreat. The amount of facilitation is completely up to you and can include anything from a few hours to the entire visit. We offer tutors, critiques, creative coaching, guided work sessions, consulting with area artists, one-on-one workshops, professional development, and more at a reduced rate to retreat participants. If you are interested in hearing more about a facilitated retreat, please indicate that on your retreat request form. 

Can anyone apply? Yes, the 2018 reduced rate retreat slots are non-competitive and are filled on a first-come first-served basis, following a short phone interview.  The process is simple. Learn more about our place, check out the studios , read our  "What You Should Know Before Visiting" page, and when you are ready, fill out the retreat request form. We will then schedule a time to call you to conduct a short phone interview and answer all your questions. This initial phone conversation allows us to make sure we are the right fit for your needs. 

How is a retreat different from a residency? In practice, independent retreats and residencies look very similar on the surface. They both offer makers time to explore, play and create. While residencies require a formal application process, and offer sliding scale rates as well as a limited number of scholarship and work-exchange opportunities, retreats require only a short phone interview, and are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Retreats can be scheduled for 2 days up to 3 weeks while Residencies typically last 2-3 weeks or more.


2018 Retreat Rates

Regular Rates: 

This rate covers your lodging and independent use of the studios. To add instruction, private workshop, etc to this base rate, see facilitated retreats below. If you cannot afford the regular rate, please see reduced rate retreats below or apply for a residency. 

Daily - $70

One Week - $450

Two Weeks - $770

Three Weeks - $1000


Facilitated Retreats

We offer discounted rates on coaching, tutoring and private workshops for artists on retreat or in residency (which is added onto the retreat rate listed above).  If you are needing a variety of services we can create an individualized and more affordable private workshops just for you.

If you are interested in exploring whether a facilitated retreat is a good choice for you, fill out the retreat request form and our retreat coordinator will set up a free phone consultation.

Discounted Coaching and Tutoring Rates for Facilitated Retreats:

1 - 10 hours -  $35 per hour

11 - 20 hours - $30 per hour

21 - 40 hours - $25 per hour


2018 Reduced Rate Retreats

It is our desire to support and inspire all makers who need our encouragement and support. On occasion, we receive grants that allow us to supplement the retreat rate for a select group of applicants.  If you would like to apply for a reduced rate retreat, please indicate that on your retreat request form.  Below are the reduced rate retreats currently available.  

Reduced Rates Retreats for 25 Photographers & Makers in 2018

Daily - $55 (2 DAY MINIMUM STAY) 

One week – $350

Two weeks – $630

Three weeks – $735


Reduced Rate Retreats for 15 Women Photographers & Makers in 2018

One Week - $225

Two Weeks - $375

Three Weeks - $550


Facilitated Instruction for Reduced Rate Retreats

If you are also looking to add facilitated instruction or workshops to your reduced rate retreat package, please let us know. We can create an individualized and more affordable private workshops just for you.  Indicate your interest on the retreat request form and our retreat coordinator will set up a free phone consultation.


Additional Fees:

The Silver Darkroom: If you are doing a large volume of work, we may charge additional lab fees for Sprint chemistry (used for black and white film and paper processing). Lab fees can range from $5 - $20 a day depending on your volume of work. We will gladly estimate the costs for you before you come. You are also welcome to bring your own chemistry. 

Alternative Processing Darkroom: There are no additional fees for the Alt Process darkroom. Artists are asked to bring their own chemistry, or order chemistry in advance of their stay and have it shipped to Makers Circle. On occasion we have chemicals and paper in stock, often left over from workshops, at a reduced rate. Feel free to check with us before coming to visit or before ordering chemistry. 

Large format printing: Those who wish to use the large format inkjet and acid dye printers for printing on paper, transparency film or fabric will be charged for ink, paper, transparency film and fabric. We can estimate cost for you in advance of your visit upon request. We highly recommend you bring your own printing paper or fabric if you are printing large quantities. You are also welcome to bring your own Epson ink cartridges. We often keep proofing paper, fine art printing paper and 3 types of fabric in stock, but please check with us before coming to make sure we have what you need.