photo+sphere residency application

photo+sphere is a four-day art-science event in Asheville, NC  focusing on the environment and our role in determining its future. As one of the event’s +and partners, Makers Circle will host a 1-week residency for artists and scientists who work at the intersection of photography/film/video and the environment.

Residency rate: One week in a private room with shared bathroom and kitchen provided free of charge. If you choose to extend your residency you can add a week before and/or after the festival at a reduced rate of $250 per week.  Extended stay artists will be provided a studio or darkroom. 

Application Deadline: September 17th. Announcement Sept 30th. 

To apply for this residency please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the Application Form (located below) and click submit

  • Email the following attachments to:

    • Personal Artist Statement

    • If you have not provided a website link in your application, please submit 10-12 JPG images.  Each file cannot exceed 3 MB in size. 

    • Image list with title, medium, and year should be included if you submitted images. 

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume

Once we review your application we will email you to schedule a phone interview. 

Name *
If you have a personal or professional website, please share that address here.
Phone *
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Makers Circle is a 25-minute drive from Asheville. Will you be bringing or renting a car?
Extended stay arrival date? *
Extended stay arrival date?
If you want to extend your residency, when would you like to arrrive? Resident artists who do not extend their stay arrive 11/5
Extended stay departure date? *
Extended stay departure date?
If you want to extend your residency, when would you like to depart? Resident artists who do not extend their stay depart 11/12
Studio Spaces *
If you are going to extend your photo+sphere residency. What studio(s) will you like to be working in?
Be specific. Please tell us the work you hope to create, the materials you will be using, etc. This helps us choose the best studio for your needs.
If not, please read before submitting your application.