Retreat Rates & Fees



Below are the costs and fees for retreats as well as coaching and tutoring rates for facilitated retreats. Our sliding scale rates are offered to everyone, it is a trust based system, you choose the rate you can afford to pay, no questions asked.

If you cannot afford our rates, please let us know. It is our desire to support and inspire all makers who need our care and support. With that said, this is our first year and we are starting with a small budget and have a limited number of full scholarships available.

Makers Circle acknowledges the financial and cultural inequity that exists in many arts institutions and feel committed to extending our resources and support to people from communities that have been marginalized, oppressed or economically disadvantaged. We are actively fundraising and hope to build our base of support very soon.

One of the beautiful ways we build our scholarship fund, is by the generous support of retreat participants, so please, pay what you can. A percentage of all retreat revenue goes directly to our scholarship fund.

A limited number of work exchange and skill share opportunities are available this year. Contact us for more information. 


Retreat Rates and Fees:

Independent Retreats are completely self-guided and include use of your assigned studio(s) and darkroom(s), as well as a private room, access to the house including the kitchen and all common spaces. All retreat participants are expected to provide their own food.


Daily (24 hours)  $50 - $75

Weekend (2 nights, 3 days) $140.00 - $170.00

One week – $375.00 - $500.00

Two weeks – $625.00 - $800.00

Three weeks – $825.00 - $1075.00


Additional Fees:

The Silver Darkroom: We charge an additional $5 per day fee for Sprint chemistry (for black and white film and paper processing). If you bring your own chemistry for film and paper processing, we can waive the lab fee.


Large format printing: Those who wish to use the large format printers for printing on paper, transparency film or fabric will be charged wholesale prices for ink, paper and fabric. We can estimate cost for you upon request. We encourage you to bring your own printing paper or fabric if you are printing large quantities. You are also welcome to bring your own epson ink cartridges. We keep proofing paper, fine art printing paper and 3 types of fabric in stock. Please check in with us before coming to make sure we have what you need.


Facilitated Retreats are perfect for folks who enjoy having someone mentor, coach or guide them during their process. Facilitated Retreats start with the same base rate as Independent Retreats but included add on services. We offer discounted rates on our coaching, tutoring and private workshops for artists on retreat or in residency. If you are needing a variety of services, contact us so we can create an individualized retreat package or workshop just for you.

If you are interested in exploring whether a facilitated retreat is a good choice for you, the best place to start is to contact our retreat coordinator to set up a free phone consultation.


Discounted coaching and tutoring rates for Facilitated Retreats:

1 - 10 hours $25 - $55 per hour

10 - 20 hours - $20 - $50 per hour

20 - 40 hours - $15 - $45 per hour