Work Exchange Application

Makers Circle Independent Residency Program provides live/work space to both emerging and professional photographers and makers. You can find more information about our independent residency program here.  This application form is for artists seeking full-scholarships through our work exchange program. If you are not requesting a full-scholarship please use our standard residency application form.

Independent residencies are designed for artist who are capable of starting and completing processes on their own. A 20-minute studio orientation is provided on your first day. If you want support with a particular process, please inquire about facilitated residencies (check yes on the form below). PLEASE read “What to Know Before Visiting” before submitting your application.

Work Trade Scholarships: A very limited number scholarships are available. We acknowledge the financial and cultural inequity that exists in many arts institutions and feel committed to extending our resources and support to people from communities that have been marginalized, oppressed and/or economically disadvantaged. Because we have a limited number of full scholarships available, we are generally only able to grant 5 requests per year. References will be required.

Skillshare: On occasion, Makers Circle will have a need for a very specific skill such as website building, plumbing, electrical, gardening, or special printing skills, etc. During times of special need we will announce specific work trade opportunities on our website and prioritize residents who have the special skills we need. References will be required.

To apply for a residency please follow these steps:

  • Fill out the Application Form (located below) and click submit

  • Email the following attachments to:

    • 3 references that are reachable by email and phone.

    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) or Resume is required if you are requesting a work-exchange or skill-share position.

Once we review your application we will email you to schedule a phone interview. 

We currently have openings for garden and carpentry work exchange positions.
Name *
We would like to see a sample of your creative work. If you have a personal or professional website, please share that address here.
We will never share your phone number with anyone else. If your international/overseas number does not fit into the form fields, please email it to us with your support material.
Arrival Date *
Arrival Date
When would you like to arrive? If you are applying for the gardening work exchange you must arrive sometime between July - September and stay for 1-2 weeks. The earlier dates will be given priority.
Departure Date *
Departure Date
When would you like to leave? Yes, you have to go home. Average stay is 3 weeks.
You can keep it simple. This is our way of getting to know you.
Be specific. This helps us match you to the right studio space for your residency. Example: I will be completing a portfolio of 16x20 silver gelatin prints... or I will be making medicine in the craft kitchen.
Studio Spaces *
What kind of workspace(s) will you need? Choose all that apply. Take your best guess.
If not, please read before submitting your application.