Artist in Residence

We work not only to produce but to give value to time.
— Eugène Delacroix

Independent Residencies

Makers Circle hosts two types of residencies. 

Independent Residencies provide space for artists and makers to work independently on their chosen project. Independent Residencies typically last 2-3 weeks in length, but longer stays can be negotiated. If you are looking for a shorter stay, check out our artists retreats.

Who can apply for a residency? Our residencies are open to artists and makers at all skill levels looking to incubate, grow or launch a personal body of work or creative community project. 

Application Deadlines: We accept applications throughout the year for independent residencies. Applications for 2018 are being accepted on a rolling basis.  

Number of Residents: 1-3. In order to provide each resident with plenty of space to work, we only accept 1-3 residents at a time.  If you want your residency time to overlap with another artist, please be specific about the preferred dates and the name of the other applicant, on your application. 

Residency Fee: 

Studio access is free as part of your residency scholarship. There may be additional fees for chemistry and materials. 

Expenses Paid by the Artist:

Travel, food, and lodging is covered by the artist. Lodging fees are paid on a sliding scale. Each artist pays what they can within the sliding scale range listed below. Based on the level of contribution, some work exchange hours may be required. 

One week: $280 - $375

Two weeks: $530 - $700

Three weeks: $750 - $950

Four weeks: $980 - $1300

Scholarships: A very limited number of housing scholarships are available. We acknowledge the financial and cultural inequity that exists in many arts institutions and feel committed to extending our resources and support to people from communities that have been marginalized, oppressed and/or economically disadvantaged. We are actively fundraising and hope to build our base of support very soon. 

Work Trade: We have a small number of work trade positions available each year to help cover all or part of your residency fees. 

Skillshare: On occasion, Makers Circle will have a need for a very specific skill such as website building, plumbing, electrical, gardening, or special printing skills, etc. During times of special need we will announce specific work trade opportunities on our website and prioritize residents who have the special skills we need.

How is a residency different from a retreat? In practice, independent retreats and residencies look very similar on the surface. They both offer makers time to explore, play and create. While residencies require a formal application process, and offer a sliding scale discount, as well as a limited number of scholarship and work-exchange opportunities, retreats require only a short phone interview, and are offered on a first-come first-served basis. Residencies typically range from 2-5 weeks while retreats can be scheduled for 2 days up to 3 weeks. 


Thematically Focused Residencies

Thematic Residencies are for those makers who are drawn to interdisciplinary dialogue and/or collaboration, Makers Circle facilitates thematically focused residencies twice a year. Thematic residencies draw artist across multiple mediums who wish to deepen their personal work within a collaborative and communal context. Makers are encouraged to work independently while also engaging in dialogue with other makers who are asking and exploring the same questions. 

One of the most important features of our thematic residency is a chance to experience and contribute to our unique brand of creative circles. Circles blend the best elements of a supportive critique with the inspiring and collaborative exchange of a salon. While our small residency center can only accommodate four live/work artists at a time, thematic residencies are often populated with local and regional artists who join in on circles, salons and skill-sharing events.


photo+sphere residency November 5th - 12th 2018

photo+sphere is a four-day art-science event in Asheville focusing on the environment and our role in determining its future. As one of the event’s +and partners, Makers Circle will host a 1-week residency for artists and scientists who work at the intersection of photography/film/video and the environment.

photo+sphere, November 7–11, 2018, in Asheville, North Carolina, explores the environment through photography and photo-media. This art and science event includes nationally known speakers and panelists Mel Chin, Sharon Harper, Justin Brice Guariglia, and many, many more. In addition, you will attend extraordinary exhibitions, films, and performances at venues throughout Asheville. 

A groundbreaking interdisciplinary event, photo+sphere brings attention to how we see the environment and the role humans play in determining the future of our planet.

This residency will provide you the opportunity to attend the festival and to engage in thoughtful and inspiring dialogue with other like-minded artists.

Click here for more info. 




What kind of residency are you looking for?